Full Jewelled - The Story of Carl Kiekhaefer's Chryslers

Full Jewelled - The Story of Carl Kiekhaefer's Chryslers
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What was Carl Kiekhaefer willing to do to win? ANYTHING!

Carl Kiekhaefer's interest in stock car racing began in 1951 when he entered two cars in the 1951 Mexican Road Race. One of his cars finished well and an obsession to win in motorsports competition was born. For three years, vicotry in Mexico eluded Kiekhaefer, but he knew his cars could be winners, so in 1955, he changed course and entered Chrysler C300s in AAA and NASCAR competition.

He hired the best drivers, paid them well, and if they won, occasionally they got a new car as a bonus. Additionall, the Kiekhaefer engineering team developed new designs to improve the Chrysler products they raced. Whatever the cost, Carl Kiekhaefer was going to win stock car races, and for two years, his cars were the class of the field.

However, by the end of the 1956 racing season, Kiekhaefer had become disillusioned with NASCAR racing, and earlyin 1957, for reasons known only to Carl Kiekhaefer, he abruptly walked away from motorsports. With the exception of one Chrysler 300B, and the trophies his srivers won, Kiekhaefer liquidated his entire stock car racing operation.