Best Damn Garage in Town - Racer's Edition

Best Damn Garage in Town - Racer's Edition
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Best Damn Garage in Town...The World According to Smokey

Many years ago, Smokey was asked to introduce racing to a group of under-privileged kids at Charlotte. It was at that point that he realized that a whole generation (kids and race fans) was coming along without knowing how racing got started. More importantly, he realized that most of the people who knew were not around anymore.

In 1996, Smokey sat down and started writing his history of racing to make sure that it would be preserved. What he ended up with is an 1,100 page, three-volume set that covers a history of his life, stock car racing, his years at Indy and all of his inventions.

Racer's Edition: 3 volume, soft cover, boxed set (Third Edition)