Best Damn Garage in Town - Digital Edition

Digital Edition of Smokey Yunick's autobiography Best Damn Garage in Town
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"Pocket Smokey" goes digital

NOTE: This digital edition is in the ePub format, which is readable on iPadsNooks and most other book readers. It is also compatible with desktop book readers like Calibre reader, which is available for free by clicking on the link. Please make sure you have a compatible reader before you purchase this item. Since it is a downloadable electronic book, there are no refunds on this item.

Best Damn Garage in Town: My Life and Adventures

It's been 15 years and over 25,000 copies sold since Best Damn Garage in TownÂ…: The World According to Smokey was first published. The Pocket, Racer's and Collector's Editions have sold very well and gotten the real stories of racing to a lot of people - but people are starting to move to eBook readers. So, we decided to publish an ePub version of the Pocket Edition of Best Damn Garage in Town: My Life & Adventures.

If you're a tech savvy Smokey fan, this is the version for you.