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Fixing America takes some specialized tools
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The calamitous 2008 November Presidential election had been a triumph for the Democrats. It had been a landslide victory for America’s first female candidate, Bella "Hell-On-Wheels" Van Cleaver, junior U.S. Senator from New York. The nation, in all its innate stupidity and unbridled hatred for the Republican President, had voted for change – big-time change – and change was what they were about to get.

President-elect Bella Van Cleaver was the very essence of off-the-wall Liberalism – a word now closely associated with classic Communism – and our "get-something-for-nothing" public absolutely adored her. Unsurprisingly, she despised and feared the military establishment, regarding them as a threat to her own megalomaniacal powers, despite the fact that she was destined to be their future Commander-in-Chief. She expressed these feelings only to her closest associates, using the foulest of back-room language. She wasn’t known as "Hell-On-Wheels Bella" for nothing....


William P. Lear, Jr., at age 80, is the son of William P. Lear who designed and manufactured the legendary Learjet business jet – now a household name.

Bill, Jr. has, in his own right, been a renegade and innovator. In 1946, at age 17, he borrowed $1250 from his father to purchase a brand new WWII Lockheed P-38 from the War Assets Administration. On May 20, 1946 this young kid became the youngest pilot in the world to have ever flown the famed P-38 twin-engine fighter aircraft.

He later became the youngest pilot to have raced his P-38 in the Bendix Trophy races at ages 18 and 19 in 1946 and 1947.

Bill later joined the Air Force where he became a jet fighter-pilot serving in Germany for three years during the Korean conflict at a time when it was generally thought that Korea was a diversion for a Soviet invasion of Western Europe.

When his father began development of the Learjet in 1963 he became President of Learjet International, S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland overseeing Learjet sales throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Long retired, Bill is an accomplished writer having written many articles and his auto-biography, "FLY FAST...SIN BOLDLY – Flying, Spying and Surviving" (

This, Bill's first novel, is riveting and exciting — PLUS, absurd, insightful, angry but hilarious, outrageous, totally politically incorrect, inventive, authoritative, imaginative, totally fictional yet plausible, and definitely not for those who are either faint of heart or easily offended! Pure entertainment at an ultimate level.

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